About Trinomial Technologies

Who Are We
Who We Are

Research, Develop, Advance, and Inspire With Trinomial Technologies

We are your partner for all your research and development needs. At Trinomial Technologies we transform your ideas and business needs into intelligent, bespoke operational and intuitive digital solutions. With more than ten years of research and development expertise, our researchers and developers can provide a wide range of expert services and deliver results and state-of-the-art products by exploiting cutting-edge research and innovative technologies.

Following streamlined processes, we serve our customers for all their business needs. We are committed to providing our clients with innovative technologies and to assisting them in every step of the digital transformation of their brand or novel solution.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients advance and inspire by offering valuable software solutions. We aim at providing research and innovation services to businesses and organizations, while developing and prototyping innovative solutions and products.

Our Vision

Trinomial aims at becoming the leading research and innovation provider, while creating partnerships that will lead to the development of successful innovative products.

Our Values

Integrity, Quality, Creativity, Innovation, and Our People.

What We do
What We do

We help you Advance, Innovate, and Inspire

With more than ten years of research and development expertise, our researchers, data scientists, and software developers can provide a wide range of expert services and deliver results and state-of-the-art solutions to our clients through our five main business operations.

Custom Software Development

Our team of experts undertakes the design and development of complex and custom software and mobile applications. Following an agile approach, we implement and deliver software projects and cross-platform Web, Mobile (iOS & Android), and desktop applications that meet our client’s needs.

Business Consulting

We help businesses and organizations design and implement their digital transformation journey. Our team of Software Engineers and Data Scientists undertakes the implementation of cost-effective enterprise applications and large-scale systems that converts our clients’ complex workflow and needs into a simplified digital form, replacing all the manual processes.

Research & Innovation

We are dedicated to top level research for the development of innovative products in the fields of AI, Identity Management on the Web, Authentication Security, electrical and electronics engineering, embedded systems, hardware design, custom firmware and software development, and IoT.

Artificial Intelligence

We are dedicated to offering quality services for the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning related solutions. Leveraging the full potential of Deep Leaning, Reinforcement Learning, and Federated Learning, we offer AI services in the fields of NLP, video/image/audio processing, emotion recognition, custom AI-based Virtual Assistants, automated trading, etc.

Big Data Analytics

Our team of data scientists helps organizations and individuals treat their data as an asset by providing big-data driven solutions. We offer a broad variety of services ranging from developing data collection frameworks, to analyzing the data of your organization and generating valuable insights which can help adjust your business practices.

Our People

Key People

Dr. Kostantinos Papadamou

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Dr. Kostantinos Papadamou holds a PhD in Computer Science from Cyprus University of Technology. He also holds a BSc and an MSc in Computer Science from Cyprus University of Technology. He has extensive research and development expertise in the fields of data science, big data analysis, deep learning, authentication security, social networks analysis, security in social networks, fake news, device-centric authentication, and federated ID.

Dr. Kostantinos Papadamou also has extensive experience in EU-funded projects as he had the technical lead of several funded projects during his PhD studies. He is the co-founder of Trinomial Technologies Ltd and the CEO of the company.

Our Team of Experts

We are a diverse team of highly talented, passionate researchers, data scientists, software developers, web designers and testers. At Trinomial Technologies we take pride in our methodological research methods, business acumen and skills which are used to encapsulate our clients’ business needs. Each team member brings their qualifications, expertise and willingness for learning to meet our goal of delivering high-quality results and state-of-the-art innovative products.

Researchers & Data Scientists

Knowledge: Big Data Analysis, Social Network Analysis, Cybersafety, Authentication Security, Identity Management on the Web, Federated ID, Know Your Customer (KYC), Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing, Image & Audio Processing, Web Scraping

Programming: Python, JavaScript, TensorFlow, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Apache Spark

Software Engineers

Programming: C/C++, C#, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, JavaScript

Databases: SQL (MySQL, PostreSQL, Oracle SQL), NoSQL (MongoDB)

Protocols: OpenID Connect, OAuth2.0, FIDO2, NFC, User-Managed Access (UMA), Attribute-Based Access Control, Near Field Communication (NFC), WebRTC, TCP/IP, UDP/IP

Other: Amazon AWS, Linux, Git, Maven, Bash, Docker, Jenkins, Wireshark

Web Developers & Designers

Programming: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Node.js, Java, Python

Frameworks: React.JS, Next.js, Loopback, Laravel, Flask, Django, Protobufs, WebSockets

Databases: SQL (MySQL, PostreSQL, Oracle SQL), NoSQL (MongoDB)

Other: WordPress, WooCommerce, Bootstrap, Adobe Photoshop

Mobile Developers

Java, React Native, Android SDK, Ionic

Quality Assurance Engineers

Selenium, JUnit Testing, Automated Testing

Project Managers

Agile (SCRUM & Kanban), Design Patterns